Weird Vintage Pics That Make Me Feel Like An Awesome Mom

TurkeyLet’s face it, most days I feel like I’m just keeping my nose above water. My kids have too much screen time and not enough veggies. I have too few showers and too much sugar. But some of these old pictures I found on the internet make me say, “At least I’m not THAT bad!”

Here are a few things I have never done:

Let my kids smoke: So many vintage pics of kids smoking! What the Marlboro Kid? Naturally the one with the chicken is my favorite.

weird-Vintage-photos-kid-smoking-chicken 92574853d709c462f5d3a850c546f885funny_retro_kids_04






















Had a “Mother-Daughter Weekly Weigh-In.”

“See honey? Not eating that cupcake really paid off!”















Thrown away the “ugly one.”












Posed my kids with the creepy Easter Bunny.

They. Are. Terrified. Is that the Easter Wolf?
You’re surrounded. Resistance is futile.













Put my kids up for sale….not that I haven’t thought about it.















Covered more than my big hips and belly for a picture:

vintage-family-photo-mom-in-sheet article-2274266-176059B0000005DC-634_306x501hidden3_2747581c























Made my daughter look “sexy.”















Done my daughter’s hair while wearing matching bra and panties.

“Someday you’ll be as developed and womanly as me… Oh wait.”
















Let my child drink Soda:

What? How did my son’s picture get on here!?





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