Teaching Moment FAIL

epic_failMy biggest teaching moment failure as a mother happened one morning at Target. I took my four-year-old daughter, Amber, with me to check out a sale. I found so many good deals that I shopped longer than I should have and found myself rushing to check out and load all my finds into the back of our mini van. I had to meet Sarah off the Kindergarten bus by noon and I couldn’t be late again!

As I went to Lift Amber out of the front seat in the shopping cart I discovered she had hidden a small stuffed animal under her coat that she was begging for earlier and I had told her “NO.”

I couldn’t believe it!  We had stolen goods!!

I knew the right thing to do was to return it.  I should make my daughter go to customer service and tell them what she had done so she could learn a valuable lesson. There just wasn’t time if I was going to make it to the bus stop.  So, I hastily explained to my crying daughter why she couldn’t keep the stuffed animal and I drove up as close to the automatic double doors as I could get in my mini van. I rolled down the window and chucked the stuffed animal toy as hard as I could.

Much to my joy, it bounced twice and rolled on in through the open doors.
YES! It had made it back into the store and that was just going to have to be good enough for today. I peeled away as fast as I could, hoping no one saw me, and happily made it to the bus stop on time.


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