kindergarten words

The “B” Word and the “F” Word- Kindergarten Style

20160322_102935[1]Don’t the best conversations always happen in the car?

So there we were, driving in the mini van and the conversation went as follows:

“Kids were talking about the “B” word and the “F” word today.” -Deacon

“WHAT? Like on the bus??”- Me. (Thinking maybe it’s time to stop riding the bus home from school!)

“No.” -Deacon

“On the playground?” -Me

“No.” -Deacon

“In Kindergarten?” -Me

“Yes, on the circle rug.” -Deacon

“Tell me about this conversation!” -Me.

He then proceeds to tell me about how they were talking about the B word and the F word and debating which word was worse. Someone thought the B word was worse and someone else was sure the F word was worse, so Deacon wanted to know which one was actually worse!

“Well, they’re both REALLY bad, and I hope you never say either one but I think the F word is worse.” -Me. At this point I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with a 5-year-old and that he knows these words!

“They’re not THAT bad mom. Brighton says them both all the time.” -Deacon.

What? My sweet 9-year-old girl?

Wait…something doesn’t seem right. So I ask him if he knows what the words are. He says yes but now he’s too scared to say them.

“The F word is…. (Deacon makes fart noise with his mouth and arm.) You have to look at me to know what the B word is…”

I glance in the back seat and Deacon points to his…. BUTT!

Oh thank the Heavens above!

Now let’s just hope he doesn’t go to school telling everyone I said the S word. “Shut up!”