I Let My Daughter Choose Her Own First Day Outfit

And by outfit I mean dance costume.
My daughter is what the kind people of the world like to call a “free spirit.” She’s what I’d call a quirky little bird. She wears giant tutus and queen costumes to her brother’s soccer games and twirls around on the sidelines. You’re probably picturing a 5-year-old right now. She’s eight. Bless her heart.

But the wonderful thing about her being eight is that she still hasn’t developed her “give a crap” meter. Or if she has it’s still at a zero. She seriously doesn’t give a hooty-toot about what people think about her which is why when she begged to construct her own first day of 3rd grade outfit I agreed. I mean, how much longer is she going to be so naïve to the world’s meanness?

She picked out several options and as she was going through her closet came upon last winter’s dance recital costume. With a hopeful look she said “I’m sure you wouldn’t let me wear this…”  But I was bound and determined to let her wear whatever she wanted. So I said as long as she made it appropriate for school and not too distracting for the other kids, she could.



This is a seriously proud look on her sweet little face.

And don’t forget the fake Wal-mart glasses she wore ALL day. Side note: Who on God’s green Earth decided these nerd classes are cute? No one looks good in them. Seriously, nobody. Side note over.


Having her as my daughter has reduced my “give a crap” meter by at least half.  There is a serious epidemic of trendiness and coolness in America right now. I blame social media. I admit I get caught up in it. It’s like the cooler our kids look, the cooler we ourselves appear. I’m past my prime of coolness myself so I have to make my kids look cool to make up for it. I’m not gonna lie, I dressed my little man up super cool for his first day of Kindergarten. I can’t help it! I’m a sucker! But I have had to let go of looking cool when it comes to my daughter.

When she was 3 I had to not give a crap that she changed her clothes seven times a day and wore dress-ups to the grocery store.  Last year I had to not give a crap when she tried out for an advanced dance class and did crazy leaps and back summersaults in her solo. This year I had to not give a crap that my daughter wore a dance costume on the first day of school. And honestly, I think the less we give a crap what people think about us, the happier we will be. Don’t ya think?



Howdy! I don't know why I just said that. I never say Howdy in real life. What's up? I'm Brooke! I started this blog as a place for other moms to share their stories and feel supported! Don't take my posts too seriously, I really do love my kids with all my heart and wouldn't trade this crazy life for anything!


  1. I think she looks adorable! Never would have known it was a dance outfit either 🙂 I grew up with a mom who didn’t have much of a fashion sense at all so heaven knows what I wore to school before I knew what was “cool”. I bet she’ll be especially thankful some day that you never inhibited her ability to develop her own style!

  2. Way to go supermom! Giving kids the agency and approval to choose when they are young gives them confidence in their choices when they are older….I hope.

  3. Kami’s right! Letting our kids choose when they are little makes them grow to be adults who can make decisions. Isn’t our job to “develop capable people”? That’s how you do it! Great job!

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