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It’s Monday!

 I would usually dread Monday morning, but I have a confession I’m ecstatic! The kids have been sick on and off for about a week and I can’t wait for them to go back to school so I can have some peace and quiet! (Thank you first week of school for sharing your germs with my children and ruining my glorious 1st week free of children!) However today is the start of a new week and everyone is healthy enough to go back to school! So I will enjoy the quiet while I can and maybe even enjoy doing the loads of laundry that have piled up from sick kids! Oh! Did I mention I’m loosing it! It’s Tuesday ladies…. I just realized I have lost a day. – Nicole Cook, Idaho Falls, ID

Sometimes, for just a split second, I forget I’m the mom. Tonight I was reading an interactive Batman book that responds when you say key phrases. My kids said we should answer wrong to see what he would say. When the voice said, ” Where did Joker hide the diamonds?” I instantly responded “Up your butt!” My kids faces were so shocked and then I have never seen them laugh so hard! Whoops!! I will never live that one down!

Your Weekly Confessions Sept 1-6


Everybody gets a baby wipe bath tonight. I’m like Oprah, “baby wipe for you, you, EVERYBODY gets a baby wipe!”- Lerin P.

My daughter wouldn’t come out of the McDonald’s play place one day, so I yelled up there that the play place was covered in boogers. (Which, let’s be honest, it probably was.) Side note: Boogers are my kryptonite, my kids have grown up watching me be terrified of them. They freak out when there is a booger on their own finger and scream for a tissue. She came running down and we went home. 😉 She has been weary about entering play place ever since.- Tawni B.

It’s back to school time right? Which means first day of school with the fun chalkboard that tells the dates and details of the year, the first morning photo session with their well picked out outfits, new shoes and weepy eyed mom behind the camera…right?! Um nope! This mom went back to work with them…didn’t get up on time because I’ve never done mornings, forgot Robert had no clean shorts so wash cloth cleaned his “best” pair, ran around frantically while my girls did each other’s hair and then sent them outside to take plain photos of each other. But at least we remembered the photos! This is a step up from the years I made it to school with them but forgot the camera all together. The kids have asked a few times where previous years’ photos are. I’ve had to explain they were lost in a flood. We won’t mention the flood happened a few years before these supposed first day photos happened.
So this year…blurry, some eyes shut, no cute chalk board or banner, mom hurrying them to the van to get to work on time instead of tearing up photos are much better then the previous no photo at all (or the few faked the next day in the same outfit.)-  Nannette T.

I sent my daughter in my room to watch a movie on my iPad so I could watch Bachelor in Paradise on the family room TV. -Tami N. 

I spent the last day of their summer break (after 3:00 when I got off work) up in my room sad that they are all growing up and going to new schools this year instead of taking them to do something and celebrate.– Heather C.

“If I burned something we were going to eat I told my kids it was Cajun cooking.” Marlene H.