7 Things Your Child’s Teacher Wishes She Could Tell You

vintage-teacher1.  No More Lotion.

For the love of all things Christmas! I have 5,000 mini Bath and Body Works lotions in my bottom drawer! I don’t expect gifts, but if you’re going to send one with your child, send chocolate, Dr. Pepper, or something they made at home.

I’m always way jealous of the guy teachers. While I have a desk full of bath gel at Christmas time, Mr. Pratt has a desk full of treats and movie tickets.

2. Don’t believe everything you hear. And I won’t either.

It never fails. I get my class list and hear, “Oh, you have ‘Gavin?’ You better watch out!” It goes in one ear and out the other. If I had listened to all the horror stories, I would have never given some of my favorite students a chance. On the flip side, if you hear how mean your child’s teacher is, give her a chance! She might end up being the best teacher for your child.

3. Oral Hygiene= Happy Teacher

Maybe the really little kids still have “baby breath” but believe me your 4th grader has a major case of dragon breath! I want to get down on their level but most kids just haven’t developed their space bubble yet. And Sophia’s breath just popped mine wide open! A quick brush before you send them out the door is appreciated!

4. …And Other Smells

I know essential oils are all the rage right now but, without fail, there is always the kid that smells like a mixture of 15 different oils. My nostril hairs are burning before we’ve even said the Pledge of Allegiance! Could you tone it down a drop or two?

5. Fair Does Not Mean Equal

The other day I bought my daughter expensive ballet shoes. If fair meant equal, I would have bought ballet shoes for my two sons as well. What in the heck would they do with ballet shoes? Fair means each child gets what they need when they need it.  Life is also not fair. If it was, horses would be riding on your back half the time. My classroom isn’t always going to be “fair.” If you’re giving your kid everything they ask for at home it’s making my job a lot harder. We are trying to teach your children how to handle success and failures, how to be adaptable, get over disappointments and handle wins with grace. It would help us out a lot if you were a good example of these attributes at home.

6. Tell Us Things!

When I said fair does not mean equal I meant it. I might not get after Hudson quite as harshly if I know his parents are getting a divorce and his big brother just left for college. Things at home affect the way children behave at school. If we have a heads up, we can help them have a better day at school.

7. Tomorrow is always a new day!

This is the best advice I ever learned during my first year of teaching from a woman nearing her last year of teaching. It doesn’t matter if Maddie had a bad day and threw a tantrum, poured glue in her hair and refused to pick up a pencil. When the day is over, it is over. Tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities and yesterday is forgotten. Please give me the same courtesy. If I had to get after your daughter for peeking at someone else’s spelling paper during a test, that doesn’t mean I hate her or that I will still be mad at her the next day. Please let it go. I did.

P.S. Your kids’ aren’t fooling anyone when they eat their boogers hidden behind their hand.


  1. This is a great reminder: “Fair Does Not Mean Equal”

    Sometimes people overdo it with the whole “it’s not fair” thing. Fair isn’t always the best option.

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